War with the Flesh

War with the Flesh

The greatest creation of God is a man; He created us in his own image.  As the scripture tells in Genesis 1:27 So God created human beings, making them to be like Him.  He created them male and female. As a human being we have spirit, soul, and body.  And day to day we are at war with the flesh.

Let’s take a look at it one by one:

 1.  Alcohol

Not all people are tempted to drink alcohol.  Some drink it occasionally, some when they are down, and some when they just feel like it; to some who wants to justify the benefit of alcohol always say that “it is good for the heart”. However, for drunkards? That is your war with the flesh.  Either you win or lose.  Is alcohol more important than your body? Think again!

2.  Cigarette

Is there any benefit of smoking? Alright, it does, as I have done my research but only if your doctor tells you so.  Do not believe of what people say if he is not your doctor, ignore him.  Come to think of it, “Is cigarette good for the environment? Is it good to smell? What is the effect of that on the secondhand smoker? What if the person next to you has a lung problem? You will only add his difficulty of breathing.

To chain smokers, that is your war with the flesh.  Is cigarette more important than your lungs? Can you live healthily without lungs? Think again!

3.  Pornography

Are you enjoying watching porn? Is it beneficial to your heart, body, and mind?  Do you feel guilty after you watch and masturbate?

The following are some major side effects:

  1. Feelings of shame and guilt
  2. Emptiness, loneliness, and depression
  3. Creating an emotional attachment to the artificial world
  4. Having troubled relationships
  5. Divorce
  6. Risk of unhealthy sexual engagement
  7. Sex without intimacy
  8. Legal and financial problems

The above mentioned are only some, now it’s time to win that war with the flesh! It is destructive, right? Do you love your life? Is your life important to you? Let your answer be the key to win this battle.

 4.  Video Games

Not just children affect this man made thing, also adults!  For some who just wants to waste time, they play candy crash, plants versus zombies, DOTA, angry birds, etc….For some, if they feel sad or lonely, they just play instead of going out and speak with friends, and for some, they want to forget the pain they have been suffering and enjoy the virtual world of video games.

If you are the latter part, do you think it’s healthy? Time to wake up! It’s a war with the flesh.

 5.  Excessive Eating

You know that it’s not good for your health right? Too much food intake will weaken your pancreas which will affect some of your internal organs.  Will you face the war with the flesh? The choice is yours.

6.  Drugs (cocaine, heroine, marijuana, MDMA, Meth, Spice K2)

Do you really have to take it? If it is prescribed by your doctor due to your illness, yes, but to take it just because you like it or because you want to escape from your problems.  You know that drugs are not an excuse.  Think of how you look like when you take drugs, you look nasty for sure! And your behavior! Why do you keep on doing it? That’s a war with the flesh.

7.  Sex

Vagina hoper? Penis hoper? O C’mon! There is something in you that you have to conquer! Love yourself! You don’t like to get STD or AIDS right? Fight the war with the flesh!

Now, what we are going to do to win this war with the flesh?  Can you do it alone? Are you confident enough to win the battle?  Let’s ask help to our Lord Jesus Christ who gives us his Holy Spirit to guide us.

Guide to Conquer:


Nobody beats the power of prayer.

2. Read His Word.

His word will guide you on what to do.  This will be your sword against your war with the flesh.

3. Repent.

God is a merciful God.  He forgives and helps you out of trouble.

4. Schedule.

Plan when you are going to face the war with the flesh.  You may tell Jesus Christ that you will start on Monday, tomorrow or now.  Why do you need to schedule? It is because you have to condition your mind and body.  Speak to yourself. You have to conquer whatever it takes with the help of the Holy Spirit.

5. Be Ready.

On the day of the battle, remember you are not alone.  Jesus Christ is in you, His Holy Spirit is within you.

6. The Battlefield

Relax. Everything is going to be smooth.  Do not keep on thinking that you are fighting your temptation.  Go with the flow, do your thing, go to school, go to work, clean the house, go out with family and friends, make yourself busy.   Jesus Christ takes away the temptation for you, you won’t feel the urge of the flesh and then you’ll realize it’s been 2 weeks now, you haven’t done it.  You feel happy and want to rejoice.

It will not be called battlefield if you do not struggle.  God will not tempt you, but He will surely test you.  There would be days when you would feel that you want to do it and that it is so strong that you need to do it ASAP.  On that day, I hope you remember what have you been prayed for,   what did you tell yourself of what to do when you encounter that temptation.   You still can’t bear it? Ask for the help of Jesus Christ-the most powerful Name that can save you.

Let us say you conquer that first temptation, but remember Jesus Christ was tempted by Satan three times; which means that war with the flesh is not yet over. You only think so but it’s not.  It takes a month to come again to come after you and you forgot that you are still on the battlefield and you did it.  You will say “Just only once, it’s been a long time”.  Well, you have been deceived.  Because after doing that thing, you will feel guilty and realized that you are at war with the flesh.  You go back to zero.

7. Fast

Never stop until you conquer.  Pray, repent and fast.  While you fast, you will feel the Holy Spirit’s presence, embrace it.  The Holy Spirit will guide you.  Always wear the full armor of God, so when temptations come to you, you are ready and will never be deceived.

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. (Romans 8:37). Do not be afraid, little one. Every day might be a battle, but the God who loves you have already won it. Instead of struggling with the flesh, come to know the love of your God and love Him, so when temptations arise, remember Him who loves you. Refocus! Your victory is in Jesus Christ.

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