The Promise Letter

The Promise Letter

“At last! School is over!” This was the joyful remark I usually say with my friends over and over again back in high school. Why? For we were all excited to write and send letters with each other again.  We started this routine during the summer season, first-year high school.  We call it “The Promise Letter”.

Things needed:

1. Stationary

2. Ballpen

3. Liquid Eraser

4. Envelope

5. Money

Dear Kathy,

How are you? What are you going to do this summer? Me, I am completely fine! My family and I will go to the beach next week and I am so excited! We’re only 10 streets away, would you like to come? =)

That’s right! We were living in the same town and only streets away but we want to send and receive letters every summer.  Though my left hand often gets numb, I have had fun competing with who had the longest letter, and that hours of long writing were our memories of the past (funny, sad, anger, confrontations, gimiks, who’s your crush, and a lot more).

Writing on a paper takes time and takes a lot of care; with the help of a liquid eraser I could wipe out my wrong spelling unless if it’s really messy so I have to re-write again.  Going to the post office is easy as it only takes a few walks away from our house but it takes time of waiting to buy stamps. But, it’s okay.  Stamping the envelope makes me excited, and I am electrified every time I drop my letter on that steely box.

The anticipation of getting a long-awaited letter in your hands is like a gift that you are longing to touch, to read, and to make you smile, laugh, mad and feel remembered.  Oh, I could still recall the mixed feelings I get whenever I read the old letters which I kept a long time ago.

As I had the chance to share “The Promise Letter” to my female students, they had this excitement and motivation to experience it too.  It made me smile as the new generation expressed their interest in letter writing.  It’s been a long time since I send and received letters via postal mail.  When I visit the post office, I was quite saddened because it wasn’t as big before (decades ago). Now, it’s just a tiny little office with a pile of boxes, one female clerk, and one rider.  I asked the post woman, ‘what happen to their office?’ Since electronic and internet evolved, they only received few letters a month, and some of their colleagues laid off because the business wasn’t good anymore. I felt sad when I heard those words, but we all know that in case of emergencies, the use of mobile phones and emails is the most convenient.  Nevertheless, I still want to continue again the letter writing, I texted and emailed my grade school, high school and college friends to write again using the old version of letter writing and they were ecstatic! Now, the old feeling of anticipation is coming back and I can’t wait to receive letters again!

As I keep on searching on the web, I discover the community called  Wow! These groups of people revive the world of letter writing and I am one of those!  You may also want to read about Love has No Boundaries: Is it True? if you are looking for a relationship.

Here is my sample intro:

Hi everyone! =) it would be wonderful to get to know someone from afar, to be friends with someone who has different culture, someone you can share your hopes and dreams, someone who can share their ups and downs and be friends by writing. Maybe until we get old? why not?….

Till then….. 

So, guys… will I see you at the ?=)

7 thoughts on “The Promise Letter

  1. I love writing letters. Nakakawala ng stress. So sad lang na hindi na sya uso now. But then namana yata ng daughter ko yun she love giving me a letter. So sweet. Sometimes nakakatuwa makareceive ng letter to someone. Kudos!

  2. Handwritten letters are the best haha Though I’ve never had one. I get letters from birthday cards and friends but I havent experieced receiving mails hahaha like in other countries. I would love to experience that. I want to have pen pals.

  3. I love letter writing. Whenever I get letters from my students or friends, I really appreciate it a lot. I’m glad that there’s a community that revives the good old days by writing.

  4. I remember my elementary days, my best friend and I would write letters to each other, but we just gave it to one another in school since we were too young to go to a post office! I love the concept of letters too! And my parents met through being penpals. Just today, I went to the post office to get my postal ID and not much people go there anymore. My mom said, back in the day, post offices were always full of people. Thanks for sharing this post! Brings back memories. 💕

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