How to Sign Up in

How to Sign Up in

One of the most sought-after dating website in the Philippines is I have heard many positive testimonies around the country and still growing. For more than 10 years in the business, you cannot go wrong by subscribing.
Let me help you on how to sign up in
Make sure you have more than 10 minutes of your time to register

1. Type in

2. You will see “It’s free to join” type in your first name, you may or may not type your real name that’s up
with you
Tick that little button if you are a male or female
Choose your age
Your email address
Choose password
Click on view singles now
Don’t forget to tick that little box for agreement
You can also join by using your Facebook account, but not my recommendation. Hit submit

3. This is all about you
Your basic info
Like your first name (remember you already type it before)
If you are a male or female

Your Appearance
It is very easy as you will only choose. Just Click that please select part and you will be given an answer
Just be honest

Your Lifestyle
If you are a Filipina, just be honest if you are really single, separated, annulled or divorce
If you have a child or want to have
If you are currently employed or not
There is nothing wrong about being honest

Your Background/Cultural Values
Languages spoken
An in love person doesn’t care your cultural background, as long as you are saying the truth and faithful

Let’s get personal
Ladies you don’t need to answer those measurements. It’s not mandatory, ignore it.

In your own words

Your profile heading:
Write a nice catchy heading

A little about yourself:
A slice of yourself is good to make it exciting.

What you’re looking for in a partner:
Ladies…. This is your chance to write all the qualifications of what you are looking for but be reminded
that there is no Mr. Right.

Click Submit

4. Time for your Match
You will be asked for pretty much the same as your profile, like their lifestyle, cultural background,
music, sports, etc…

5. Interest
It would be you and his interest

6. Personality

7. Cupid Tags
You may or may not want to use this. It’s your choice.

8. Verify Profile
If you are not a paying member, I suggest that you verify your profile by sending them a photo of your
passport, driver’s license, student card or national ID. Just one will be enough

9. Upload a photo

10. You are good to go.

To all subscribers/registered users, please beware… not all profiles are true, someone told me that but am not sure, just adding it up so you can be aware of.

For ladies, yes there’s a bunch of foreign men out there, but be cautious.

For foreign men, make sure you are chatting to a real woman, some of them are gays, so be mindful. 

Happy chatting. =)

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