How to Sign Up in

How to Sign Up in

This article will guide you on how to sign up in step by step.

Let’s get started

1. Click on the Sign Up for a Free Trial

2. Write your best username, email add and re-write your email add for confirmation, click continue. There will be a popup icon for additional 5 days out of 10 days, you may try to click it at redeem now button

3. You will be asked again for your username, email add and re-write your email again, click continue

4. Type in it your city, country & zip code, then click continue

5. Your gender and birthdate
There is a small brown rectangular which says “click here if a member referred you” you may click that; if
none – click continue

6. Once you click continue, you are agreeing to their terms and conditions. You may want to read it first before you click continue

7. There are more personal questions like:
– Appearance
– Faith
– Children
– Schooling & Employment
– Lifestyle

8. There are also essay questions that you need to answer; I will leave it to you.

9. After answering all those questions, you’re good to go.


1. Most of the registered users are Christians
2. Most of them are really serious about finding true real Christian relationship
3. Safety Features will help your account not to be scammed however, precautions are still advisable
4. If you want to be a Pastor’s Wife, this dating site is for you
5. The site provides testimonials, so you won’t get discouraged while looking for your mate
6. They have an app which is user-friendly
7. A blog ( that lifts you up and give you information about Christian counseling, guilt, forgiveness, top Christian songs, real marriage meaning, and a lot more.
8. They have a search column that you may look at for your
– Quickmatch
– New Members
– Username
– Birthday
– Favorites
– Who’s Viewed Me
– Blocked Members

9. There are different forums that you may want to join like;
A. Dating and Relationships
– Ask Men
– Ask Women
– Ask the Community
– Critique my Profile
– Single Parents
– Under 30
– Over and Under: 30 to 49
– Fifty Plus

B. General Interest
– Current Events
– Health and Fitness
– Music
– Travel
– Book Reviews
– Sports
– Cooking and Recipes
– Movies / Television
– Games
– General

C. Christianity
– Praise and Prayer
– Devotionals
– Ministry Ideas
– Bible Study
– Theology

10. Once you are signed up, you have 10-day free trial plus if you will invite friends, your free trial will be extended

11. They have an affiliate program offer that you may earn 40% of every sale.


1. Limited free trial

2. Once your account is expired, you cannot open it. You have to wait for their free promos or holidays to open up your account again

3. You cannot see or read your messages if your account is expired

I hope I was able to help you on how to sign up in clearly.

So guys, since you’ve read the pro’s and cons will I see you at the

Happy dating! =)

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