How to Pamper Yourself Economically: Do It Yourself

How to Pamper Yourself Economically: Do It Yourself

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as what they say, which is super true and also being beautiful outside makes you feel clean and fresh! How to pamper yourself economically: do it yourself will help you how to take care of your body in a very affordable way. Doing it, means you are giving yourself time a luxury.

Let’s do it!

1. Cleaning your nails: Manicure and pedicure– do it yourself!

How to Pamper Yourself Economically: Do It Yourself - 1. Cleaning your nails: Manicure and pedicure

Doing it yourself weekly, helps you assess the condition of your hands, fingers, fingernails, feet, toes, and toenails.  It would give you a hint about the conditions and the needs of these diligent but delicate body parts. Do they look dehydrated? A gentle massage with a soothing lotion or oil could help. Of course, nails are good canvass to bring out our inner artists. There is nothing wrong adding some color on it, so paint on!

2. Take a shower every night

How to Pamper Yourself Economically: Do It Yourself - Take a shower every night

You really need this.  After long hours of work, your body needs a reward.  That is to feel fresh before going to sleep.  I discover this honey and lavender soap; it suits and relaxes your muscle, as it takes away stress from work.

3.  Apply Face Mask

Remember our face is the seat of emotions that is why taking care of our face is really important.  I have sensitive skin so I don’t put anything on my face when I have to sleep except of this Korean facial mask called Aloe, as it moisturizes and softens my skin. Another thing, it’s a cloth mask without any side effects. Just put it in the fridge for 5-10 minutes so it would cool and be more relaxing to the face. leave that mask on your face for about 30 minutes and tada! Look at your face in the mirror; believe me, it’s glowing like a newly furnished pearl!

How to Pamper Yourself Economically: Do It Yourself - apply facial mask

4. Bath yourself with Kalamansi or lime

You don’t need to go to Spa, just put kalamansi or lime in your bathtub, lit a scented candle, turn on your favorite jazz or light rock music and voila! You have your own spa in a very affordable and comfortable way.  After 30 minutes or so you will feel the cleanliness and freshness of your body.  Touch your skin, and feel the smoothness and softness that kalamansi brings on your body.

5. Read a book

Are you a reader? Even if you are not, reading something aside from paper works at the office gives you peace.  Nothing beats the traditional book.  I have nothing against e-book but seriously? The sound of turning pages makes me excited to read.  I love the book of Andrew Matthews entitles “Follow your heart”.

How to Pamper Yourself Economically: Do It Yourself - read a book follow your heart

It’s about finding purpose in your life and work.  Oh, you must try reading it.  It’s cool, pretty cool.

I also want to recommend this book “Game of Thrones” it’s a page turner.

6. Watch Netflix or Korean drama

After dinner, my way of relaxing is to watch Korean drama to name a few: Wok with Love and What Happen to Secretary Kim, well that’s the latest that I’ve been watching.  At least one episode per night then I do my night ritual like bathing with Ilog ni Maria soap and applying facial mask.

7. Exercise

You don’t need to exercise for 30 minutes or so.  A good stretching will do.  Remember you are still going to drive or commute.  We need this as it keeps us stronger and alive.

How to Pamper Yourself Economically: Do it yourself - woman stretching

8. Sleep

How to pamper yourself economically: do it yourself - sleep

A real rest is a sleep.  Do not deprive yourself.  Sleep makes you strong and healthy.

9. Eat with your family

How to Pamper Yourself: Do it Yourself - family eating together

Though we are so busy at work, eating with family is the best.  Your mom, dad, brother, sister, nieces, and nephews are your family.  Don’t allow a day for you not to speak with them and the best time to know how their day is going is to eat with them. Remember the Lord’s Supper? Important and meaningful discussions spring up if you are together.

10. Pray and go to church

How to Pamper Yourself: Do it Yourself - pray

Someone from above cares for you, so do not forget HIM.  He is your protector and shield; a thank you prayer will make HIM smile.  Going to church is food for your soul, we are so blessed that we are free to praise, worship and listen to his word.  Grab this opportunity, it keeps you recharge and reminds you how precious you are.

Pampering oneself is like cleaning a house…

  1. Make a Plan. Decide which one are you going to clean? Is it the dining area, kitchen, toilet,  or perhaps the bedroom? You can do it one at a time
  2. Write it. Have it scheduled like this one:

Monday – clean your room

Tuesday – clean the bathroom

Wednesday – clean the kitchen

Thursday – clean the dining room

Friday – clean the living area

Saturday – clean the garage

Sunday – clean your car

If you will not write it, you will not remember it, well sometimes you may remember but when you feel like lazy then you won’t do it.  Unlike writing, it’s like whether you like it or not, you have to do it because it is on your list.

3. Buy the things you need. Before you start, make sure to have all the necessary things like a broom, mop, vacuum, Lysol, anti-bacterial cleanser etc because if you start and you only have a broom then cleaning your house is not a success.  There will still dirt left.

It’s like taking a bath. Is water enough to take away the dirt of your body?  No right? You need bath soap or a shower gel.

4. Execute your plan. If you keep on thinking that you are going to do it and no actions, then you’re only dreaming. So start to do it.

5. Start on Sunday or Monday. That depends on you.  Whenever you are ready.  Remember time is gold and pampering oneself is not a waste of time it’s taking care of you.

6. Again the goal is to do it yourself. Just like the beauty of learning, it makes you attractive. Now, How to pamper yourself economically: do it yourself shows that it doesn’t need to be expensive, but gives you the freedom to lavish yourself.

2 thoughts on “How to Pamper Yourself Economically: Do It Yourself

  1. My favorite pamper myself routine is taking a shower every night! It feels good and helps me get better sleep. I wish I could read more though but busy work life is preventing it. I also love that I can actually have a pampered lifestyle without breaking the bank. Thanks for giving some tips on how to take care of myself as I also need that.

  2. It truly does wonders when we take time to pamper ourselves. I love the cleaning schedule you gave! Might as well try the tips here!

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